Projectmanagers are useless

I have been thinking a bit of – if I should publish that.
However – even though it could be „more content“, this is my „short view“.

How come those (presumably) highly trained people fail to achieve their job?
It is stated, in the Standish Group report that 83.9% of all IT Projects, fully or partly fail.

Is ist different in other (non software) projects?

A short RCA == Root Cause Analysis

Potential Causes

  • Frameorks incorrect
  • Theory faulty
  • No practical relavance but nice pictures
  • People only have a certificate
  • Thats how you make money as a provider
  • PM‘s are idiots
  • I heavily doubt
  • Basicy (physical) laws ignored
  • Limited Vision
  • Experience
  • Human Factors
  • Others

The PDF for Download